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With pensions dwindling, cuts to Social Security, and skyrocketing costs of living, the question on the minds of many older people is: “How much do I need to retire?” The answer depends on several factors, including any dependents for which you are responsible, the standard of living you would like to maintain, the cost of living in a particular region, and so on. At Meridian Retirement Solutions, we guide you through these complex factors and develop a personalized retirement income planning strategy that works for your long-term goals.

We Build Relationships, As Well As Financial Portfolios

Led by the renowned expertise of Larry Goldstein, our Boca Raton retirement planning firm develops one-on-one relationships with each client, while offering the same high-quality services as corporate giants. We encourage all residents in the Boca Raton, Fla., area to visit our office and discuss any questions you might have about retirement planning, wealth management, maximizing Social Security, and any other questions related to your long-term retirement plan.

After securing your retirement income, our experts at Meridian Retirement Solutions will help you maximize the money market portion of your portfolio, so you can continue to maximize your wealth without taking risks that could compromise the security of your future. The earlier you begin planning for retirement and developing an investment portfolio, the less you will have to worry about your future financial needs.

Our strategy is simple:

1. Ensure your retirement income on a monthly schedule.
2. Manage the remainder of your assets to support aggressive growth.
3. Enjoy a carefree retirement without financial worries.

Meet with us today—under no obligation to you—and discuss your goals and concerns regarding all aspects of wealth management in Boca Raton, Fla.

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Social Security Maximization

When you apply for Social Security retirement benefits for the first time, you may not give much thought to the precise monthly amount you’ll begin receiving. However, the decision to claim Social Security benefits at 62 instead of 67 or 70 (or vice versa) can mean leaving thousands of dollars on the table, depending on your personal circumstances. These factors include your non-Social Security income, your net worth, your family history and longevity, and how your current salary stacks up against past years’ earnings.

For example, someone who waits until 70 to claim these benefits and passes away at 72 will wind up receiving only a fraction of the benefits they would have received if they had claimed these benefits at 62 instead. And someone who claims their benefits at a relatively young age and then lives for another several decades might have realized more benefits by waiting a few years to receive the higher amount. Asking the question “how much Social Security will I get?” before you decide to make a claim—and fitting the answer into your budget and retirement spending plan—will ensure you never feel the financial squeeze in retirement.

Although knowing the average Social Security benefit by age can be useful as a ballpark estimate, determining “how much does Social Security pay?” in a specific situation will depend on your earning history. You can get a fairly accurate read on your future Social Security payments by looking at your last Social Security benefits statement or using an online Social Security estimator. These tools can help you answer the question, “how much can I earn on Social Security?” with confidence, while Meridian Retirement Solutions in Boca Raton, Fla., can work with you on maximizing Social Security.

Retirement Income Planning

Age and the prospect of impending retirement creep up on everyone. If you currently enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, with cash in the bank, a diversified investment portfolio and sufficient monthly income to enable you to enjoy your home and social life, you may not have thought much about how to assure that your current standard of living will continue throughout your retirement years.

How to plan your retirement income does not have to be a dreaded exercise. However, reaching retirement age — whatever that number may be — without a plan should be worrisome. Ideally, retirement planning should begin early, but it is never too late to address the question of “How much do I need to retire?”

Larry Goldstein of Meridian Retirement Solutions is available to assist Boca Raton, Fla., residents with effective retirement income planning. The process begins by determining how much monthly income is needed to retire. The secret to an enjoyable life in retirement is the knowledge that monthly income will continue. Once your monthly income is assured, you can perhaps retire early, or look forward to your chosen retirement age with confidence. You’ll know you’ve planned well and earned the time to be happy.

From that point on, retirement planning becomes fun. Choose other financial strategies to grow a cash nest egg for travel or luxury purchases, “play” with building a growth-oriented investment portfolio, spend your time on the golf course, or begin a new career with no worries about salary or success. The options are many and varied, and every person will find individual priorities.

Learning how to plan your retirement income is the key; and that is exactly what we can help you determine.

Efficient Tax Planning

When it comes to tax planning, there are a number of approaches you can take to getting it done. Unfortunately, most filers don’t have the most efficient strategy to make the most of their income. Too many people in Boca Raton, Fla., area end up spending too much time on each form, fumbling with terms they don’t understand and numbers they don’t know how to crunch. To make matters worse, they end up paying more than they should, forgetting about tax-deferred money that could otherwise improve their bottom line. Instead of handing over more of your cash on your taxes than you absolutely need to, use that money to fix up your portfolio.

Larry Goldstein wants to show you how Efficient Tax Planning can work in Boca Raton to keep you deep in the black. If you don’t want to leave any tax-deferred money on the table, we find every possible way to maximize your returns. Meridian Retirement Solutions has been giving the people of South Florida the advice they need to stay compliant while still taking advantage of all relevant tax codes. No matter how your portfolio is balanced, we find ways to eliminate all unnecessary spending on your taxes. Efficient Tax Planning is different for each person, so let us find the customized solutions that work best for your holdings.

Wealth Management

In uncertain times, asset and wealth management strategies are imperative. These are, by any standard, uncertain times, and planning for the future is difficult. Financial concerns of high-wealth families and individuals require specialized services and focused attention on the changing climate of investment opportunities and strategies.

Savvy investors, particularly those who are currently looking toward a stable retirement, want to preserve and protect existing assets. At the same time, most want to offset inflationary trends, grow an investment portfolio, develop means to grow income during retirement, and deal with a volatile investment market.

Advice offered by various wealth management companies can be contradictory and confusing. Wealth investment advisers sometimes offer “cookie cutter” solutions that do not address the specific needs of high-net-worth investors. Wealth management is complex, and must be individualized. It requires a deep understanding of all the forces at work in the economy, and must weigh the effects of local, state and national monetary policy and tax legislation against global economic practices and forecasts.

Asset wealth management requires extensive knowledge, deep understanding and a commitment to serve the needs of clients with distinctive needs. Meridian Retirement Solutions, with Larry Goldstein at the helm, combines local knowledge and expertise with the insights and resources of a global financial leader to effectively serve the needs of discerning high-wealth investors in the Boca Raton, Fla., area.

For the best of asset and wealth management advice today, and for a future that may be difficult to predict, this kind of advance planning offers peace of mind, along with a personalized investment and wealth management plan tailored to preserve and protect the wealth and assets you have spent a lifetime of effort to build.

Long Term Care

With the cost of a semi-private or private room in a nursing home topping $6,500 per month in 2016 (the latest year for which data is available), being able to insure against these increasing costs has become more important than ever. Whether you saved diligently during your working life or were still playing catch-up at retirement, paying out of pocket for nursing or assisted living care for yourself and/or your spouse in retirement can spend down even the healthiest of nest eggs.

Fortunately, there are investment strategies and insurance products that can protect retirees from this worst-case scenario, providing you with coverage for long term care (often known as LTC) and a steady stream of income that can fund a private bed at the finest of area nursing facilities. The right products and strategies will largely depend on your unique circumstances, as there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to the problem of paying for nursing care in retirement.

If you have questions or concerns about LTC, Chartered Financial Consultant Larry Goldstein and his team at Meridian Retirement Solutions (serving the Boca Raton, Fla., area) can help you create a plan that fits your budget and your life situation.


When retirement approaches, you want to start planning what you’ll do with your free time. From going on vacations to just relaxing in the garden, you want to ensure your finances will be strong for those days after you claim your last paycheck. Making wise investments will allow your savings to grow the way you want, whether you prefer to make more money quickly or take the safer route as your investments build at a steady pace.

Sound investment advice can get you through this process. In order to steadily build your wealth during your golden years, stabilize your investments by creating a financial foundation and then placing your extra money into a range of investment vehicles, such as ETFs, money market accounts, fixed index annuities, bonds and other venues. Learn how to create a portfolio tailored to your particular financial goals, values, and level of risk, so you stimulate growth to your investments during fluctuating markets. When looking for investment advice in the Boca Raton, Fla., area, reach out to Larry Goldstein at Meridian Retirement Solutions. He’ll help you build a sound investment portfolio, so you can retire and begin enjoying the best days of your life.